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Tony D "Beats From The Golden Era" Limited Edition Cassette


Tony D "Beats From The Golden Era"
Limited Edition Cassette

August 16, 2016
(1 week earlier than original ship date)

January 22, 2020

LABEL: Cha-Ching Records
CONFIG: Cassette (Green Colored – Chrome)
PRICE: $11.99
UPC#: 672343000742

1. Professor X Intro
2. BJ Beat
3. Jazz Thing
4. My Pen
5. Tight Chops
6. Ya Killin Me
7. Do The Math
8. Dreads
9. The Ginsu

10. Funky Bassline
11. Everything Will Be Fine
12. Hot Water
13. Quick To Flip
14. Got That Soul
15. Spaceman
16. 4 Yo Self
17. Born Ducks
18. Tru Music

“Beats From The Golden Era” is a full length instrumental album by the legendary NJ Hip Hop Producer & Emcee Tony D. This album displays Tony’s depth as a producer with tracks filled with deep bass & melodic samples accompanied by hard hitting drums, staying true to the Golden Era soundscape that he was known for. All tracks were produced by Anthony “Tony D” Depula, who passed away on April 4th, 2009. This album was previously only available digitally, now available for the first time on a limited edition cassette perfect for blasting in your Walkman, Boom Box, Car or Stereo System!.

“Tony D. achieved something that most hip-hop producers never do: His beats sounded like he made them. It’s hard to describe his signature sound: the little slap delay he gave to his kick drums; his collage-art choruses pieced together from two, three, or more different sources.” - Excerpt from the liner notes written by Dan Charnas, a former record executive and one of the first writers for The Source, is the author of The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop (New American Library/Penguin) and the co-author of Def Jam: The First 25 Years of the Last Great Record Label (Rizzoli), and the executive producer of VH1’s "The Breaks.”

Tony D produced the Golden Era Hip Hop artists Poor Righteous Teachers & YZ. He also produced records for DJ Muggs, Too Kool Posse, Blvd. Mosse, Scott Lark, King Sun, Dungeon Lordz, Blaque Sperm, Shawn Lov, Outsidaz and many more. Tony D released his 1991 solo album “Droppin’ Funky Verses” (4th & Broadway/Island) and was part of the group Crusaders for Real Hip Hop with their “De Ja Vu It’s ‘82” 1993 album (Profile Records). He also produced some abstract Hip Hop records for the UK Grand Central label. Tony D produced and released the 2006 Poor Righteous Teachers “Rare & Unreleased” album & the recent Black Prince & Aziatic “Roger Gardens” EP (CCR-008) on his Cha-Ching Records label.

Side 1 (snippets) Side 2 (snippets)

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