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EDO.G "We Do Good" Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP


EDO.G "We Do Good"
Special Limited Edition Vinyl LP
500 pieces only
Transparent Sea Blue Colored

NOVEMBER 14, 2023
(date is subject to change)

Artist: EDO.G
Title: We Do Good
Label: 5th & Union
Catalog#: 5THU-1993
Price: $30.00
Configuration: Vinyl
(Transparent Sea Blue Colored)

Track Listing

1. Gillie Shit 3:06 Produced By Edo.G
2. Master 2:55 Produced By Edo.G
3. Greg Nice 3:21 Feat. Greg Nice Produced By Torch
4. Hope 3:58 Feat. Seventh Sun & Khaleb Produced By Edo.G
5. Truth 2:33 Produced By Edo.G

6. Paid 2:49 Produced By Curt Cazal
7. Watch out 2:39 Produced By Kemp
8. Welcome 3:08 Feat. King Magnetic Produced By Tone Spliff
9. Yo 3:04 Produced By Edo.G
10. We Do Good 3:09 Feat. Ruby Shabazz Produced By Edo.G
11. Wake up 2:57 Produced By Geronimo X

"We Do Good" is an energetic and soulful boom-bap hip-hop album by the legendary artist Edo.G, that pays homage to the classic sounds of the genre. The album features powerful and thought-provoking lyrics that touch on a range of topics from social justice and inequality to personal struggles and triumphs. The beats are expertly crafted with intricate drums and smooth samples that showcase Edo.G's production skills with additional production by Curt Cazal, Geronimo X, Torch and others.

The album is a celebration of the power of music to inspire change and uplift communities, and it's sure to leave listeners feeling empowered and motivated to make a difference in the world. With its infectious energy and powerful messages, "We Do Good" is a must-listen for anyone who loves hip-hop and wants to experience the authentic sound of boom-bap, as delivered by one of the genre's most respected and talented artists, Edo.G. The title also spell out Edo.G.