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Tonio Sagan "Voyager Records: Greetings" Gold Colored 7" Single

$9.99 - On Sale

Tonio Sagan
"Voyager Records: Greetings"
Opaque Gold Colored 7" Single
Limited Edition - 500 piece pressing
The 1st 100 copies are signed and hand numbered
by Tonio & Dorian Sagan

January 24, 2017

Label: Tonio Sagan Music
Catalog#: VR001
Configuration: 7" - 45 RPM
Opaque Gold Colored
Genre: Hip Hop/Instrumentals

Track Listing
A Side: Greetings
B Side: Stranger Than Fiction

“Voyager Records: Greetings” is the brilliant first installment in an epic series of meticulously crafted, stunning instrumentals from Massachusetts producer Tonio Sagan. It’s some of his best work to date, and one listen will leave you nodding your head in agreement.

Over the years, Sagan’s work has drifted into the far reaches of outer space, though he’s often been grounded by his talented vocal collaborators. With his “Voyager Records” project, however, the spotlight remains solely on the producer and his ability to flip already-amazing source material into something out of this world (pun intended).

As for that source material, it stems from the work of his late grandfather, the great Carl Sagan. He had curated a sound bank that was taken onto the Voyager 1 & 2 shuttle launches in the 1970s with the purpose of documenting planet earth in case the probes encounter alien life. Given that, it’s only fitting that Tonio named the first track “Greetings,” which opens with a quote from the Secretary-General of the UN and spirals into a mesmerizing exploration of sound.

As for Tonio’s thoughts on the project as a whole, he couldn’t be more excited about it. “I look forward to making my way through this project and breathing some new life into, what is in my opinion is, the most important collection of music ever assembled,” he said. For the full spiel, be sure to check out Tonio’s visual discourse. To boot, Tonio’s father, Dorian, penned a touching essay that links his father’s venture with his son’s musical undertaking, which can be reading the text panel of the SoundCloud landing as well as on the back cover artwork of this 7” Record Jacket/sleeve.

"Stranger Than Fiction"