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Mikey D "Day of D'Struction" CD


Mikey D "Day of D'Struction"
Eco-Friendly Digipak CD

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December 5, 2016

Label: Elements of Hip Hop
Catalog#: DOD1017
Config: CD (Digipak)
Price: $12.99
UPC#: 672343101722

Track Listing on CD artwork is different than the actual track listing listed below. There was a misprint on artwork.

Track Listing
01. Introduction
02. D.O.D. (feat. Grandmaster Caz)
03. Street Champion
04. Large Pro Speaks
05. All Alone
06. Horns Of Fury (feat. Chris Rivers)
07. Bless M
08. After Shock (feat. Lot Pacosso & Lega-C)
09. Back To The Future (feat. young Mikey D. from '95)
10. Back 2 Back (feat. Canibus)
11. Without Breakin It Down
12. The Rhyme Heaterz (The Symphony XXI) (feat. RA The Rugged Man, Craig G. & Canibus)
13. Living Proof
14. Wake Up pt.2 (feat. Mic Handz & Don Streat)
15. Freestyle Routine With DJ Slice
16. Biiiitch!
17. Legends (feat. Mellow Man Ace & Lega-C)
18. Inspiration
19. Outro
20. Horns Of (Smoove) Fury (feat. Chris Rivers) (Bonus)
21. Got'm Say'n Remix (feat. Devastating Tito) (Bonus)

Produced by Ligalize.
Co-produced by DJ Slice & Anton Pukshanky.
#8 DJ Modesty, #10 Calvin "Trouble" Jones,
#11 & 19 Keith Skamnandez, #16 These Hands.
Scratches by DJ Slice, Mixed by Anton Pukshansky, Senior & DJ Slice.
Mastered by Anton Pukshansky.

The music Industry is now ready for a sonic explosion that will infiltrate Hip-Hop ears. Veteran word smith and Battle MC Mikey D'Struction is now ready to release the next epic chapter to the musical scrolls of Hip-Hop and its history. Mikey D continues to add to his catalog of music by releasing the new album: Day Of D'Struction. The album Day Of D'Struction has been crafted with patience, care, and a special attention to detail. Day Of D'Struction is a timeless classic Hip-Hop album prepared for the masses World-Wide. The album was primarily produced by top Russian Hip-Hop Megastar and producer Ligalize, and co produced by Philadelphia's own DJ Slice. Also mastered by no other than Anton Pukshansky.

Mikey D has made iconic records with the late legendary producer Paul C under the banner of the LA Posse. Mikey D eventually became the lead MC for the group Main Source replacing Large Professor. Main Source released the album "F--K What You Think". Currently Mikey D and DJ Mercury have formed the group Elements of Hip-Hop. They released the album "Calm Before The Storm" which is the prelude to the upcoming release: Day Of D'Struction.

Mikey D has put his heart & soul into the creation of Day Of D'Struction. DOD blends the past, present and future of timeless classic Hip-Hop. There are several collaborations on the album which include Mikey D and: Chris Rivers (Big Pun's Son) on the song "Horns", Canibus on the song "Back 2 Back", plus RA The Rugged Man and Craig G on the song "The Rhyme Heater". The album Day Of D'Struction is ready to spread its arms around the globe to touch you in the heart with a gritty musical and emotional punch.

"All Alone" Music Video: "Back to Future" Music Video: