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K-DEF "BEATS FROM THE 90's" VOLUME 1 (10 Year Anniversary) Cassette


K-DEF "BEATS FROM THE 90's" Vol. 1
10 Year Anniversary
Limited Cassette
100 piece pressing
50 of each of the following colors:
Green Tint and Blue Tint
(select color from drop down menu below)

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Ship Date: July 25, 2018

Catalog#: GMB3211N-4
Configuration: Cassette
Price: $11.99


1. Been there
2. Ain't no crime*
3. Monty
4. Dramaz
5. For da family
6. Crusading
7. Inner city blues
8. Jam on it

9. Mont man
10. Ron beat
11. Spinner
12. Gettin Hot
13. Take your time
14. Turtle Man
15. Been there Part 2
16. Urbiank
Hidden Bonus Track: "It's Good"

K-Def an unopposed underground beat legend, has been banging on his MPC for years. Beats From Da 90's brings you some of his released and unreleased sampled, looped, soul-drenched; lost tracks. Found in a bag of dusted dats. Before leaving the House of Hits and changing over to computers, K-Def brought the heat out of his analog machines. The MPC 3000 and S-3000, were his main weapons, of choice. These tracks in question exemplifies that mid-'90s sound to such a degree that it serves up a veritable lesson in boom bap aesthetics, a flawless realization of how emotive, sonically rich and downright beautiful hip hop music can be when executed by a master. Originally available in 2008 on Vinyl LP and CD formats. Now for the first time on Cassette, this 10 Year Anniversary features the hidden never released Bonus Track "It's Good".

K-Def, Preferring the role of Hip-Hop insider than hyped recording artist, DJ/Producer K-Def has kept a low profile in the game for number of years. Earning critical praise for his early production work with Marley Marl on the underground classic album "Here Comes The Lords" by the group Lords Of The Underground. K-Def has steadily produced stellar Hip-Hop music for the world to bump their heads to. During the 1990's, K-Def has co-produced some of Marley Marl’s better tracks, taking his place as Marley's go-to man on the MPC, K-Def craved out a defying discography. K-Def has lent his production talents to artist such as Tragedy (Intelligent Hoodlum), A.D.O.R., Da Youngstas, Real Live, Positive K, and The Artifacts. In 1996, having paid his dues, K-Def & Larry-O formed Real Live. They released an album aptly titled, The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama. K-Def has a blues/soul sampling style, which of late has come back in vogue, with current Hip-Hop artists. A Style he and other 1990's hip-hop producers help Solidify.