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JAZZSOON "HEAVY ARCHIVES" 7" VINYL (Limited 300 piece pressing)


Special Limited Edition 7" Vinyl
300 piece pressing / numbered jackets
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November 9, 2018

Title: Heavy Archives
Label: Strictly Cassette
Catalog#: SC-0001
Configuration: 7" Vinyl
PRICE: $11.99

Track Listing
Side A: Ruff
Side B: Ruffer

Once again Jazzsoon returns with another, soon to be rare and sought after release entitled "Heavy Archives".

This time taking a break from the conceptual beat tapes like "Taxi" or the most recent "Cosby Tape" the one known as Jazzsoon went back into his Archive and compiled 3 to 4 albums worth of music that hasn't seen the light of day for some years until now. Available on Cassette and special numbered debut 7" Vinyl limited to 300 copies.

The cassette will be packaged in an O-Card and will contain 5 more minutes of music.

This will be the first installment in the "Heavy Archives" series brought to you by Strictly Cassette and distributed by Red Line Music Distribution, Inc. Be sure not to miss out on this gem.