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DUMI RIGHT Doing It The Right Way CD


DUMI RIGHT "Doing It The Right Way"
Limited Digipak CD
JUNE 22, 2018
(date is subject to change)

Label: pH Music
Catalog #: PHM -1849
Configuration: CD (Digipak)
Price: $12.99
File Under: Hip-Hop


1. Liberation Music
2.. Job's Completed ft. The Poem-Cees
3. Prosperity ft. Sariyah Idan
4. Progress ft. Toki Wright and Kane
5. Just Another Day ft. Sol and Pep
6. Great Mindz [Saint Remix] ft. Cadence, Mike G & YZ
7. I Will Not Turn Back ft. Sariyah Idan
8. Nightfall [Saint Remix ft. Mr. Lif
9. Mission Accomplished ft. Pep
10. Ya Think? ft. Pep
11. Go Get That ft. The Good People (Emskee and Saint)
12. Great Mindz [80-M Remix] ft. Cadence, Mike G & YZ
13. The Armour
14. All We Have is Time by Nikki Giovanni

Production by Hen Boogie, 80-M, Saint and Trnk Jwlz

Dumi RIGHT returns with a new album that offers fresh, insightful and complex rhymes and wordplay over a gritty soundscape of intricate beats. He serves up social commentary on the angst and frustration of these times, while remaining positive, earnest, and at times even playful to avoid being trite and nihilistic.

On Doing It the Right Way, Dumi is joined by a cast of talented wordsmiths that include the Poem-cees, Toki Wright, Mr. Lif, MC Pep as well as previous collaborators and hip hop luminaries Mike G of the Jungle Brothers and YZ. The album also features a lost vocal appearance from one of Dumi's longtime musical collaborators Cadence, who passed away a few years back but had been working with Dumi to establish the Great Mindz collective.

Dumi RIGHT was introduced to audiences in the early 90's as a member of Zimbabwe Legit -- the pioneering crew widely regarded as the first African hip hop group to gain international recognition. He has a solid discography of album releases including the acclaimed Zimbabwe Legit - House of Stone, Alternate Reality and a slew of guest appearances, compilations and mixtapes released worldwide.

Album snippets: