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ED O.G & DA BULLDOGS "Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto" 30 Year Anniversary Cassette


"Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto"
30 Year Anniversary
Limited Edition Cassette

Ship Date:
February 25, 2021

Label: 5th & Union
Catalog#: 5THU0030-4
Price: $14.99
Configuration: Cassette (Black colored)

It's been 30 years since the release of the critically acclaimed "Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto" album. This Limited Edition Cassette marks the anniversary of the album that put ED O.G & Da Bulldogs on the Hip-Hop map with songs like "I Got To Have It", "Bug-A-Boo" & "Be A Father To Your Child". The album produced a number one record on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart and two Top 20 singles to follow. This cassette features two bonus tracks, "How It's Supposed To Be" featuring KRS-One & "Funky Styles" available now for the first time on cassette! All songs produced by Joe Mansfield. Liner notes by ED O.G featuring alternate artwork.

Track Listing
Side A
1. I'm Different
2. Speak Upon It (w/Ace&Quan and Def Jef)
3. Feel Like A Nut
4. I Got To Have It
5. She Said It Was Great
6. Dedicated To The Right Wingers
7. How It's Supposed To Be Featuring KRS-One (Bonus Track)

Side B
1. Gotta Have Money (If You Ain't Got Money, You Ain't Got Jack)
2. Let Me Tickle Your Fancy (featuring Pure Blend)
3. Be A Father To Your Child
4. Stop (Think For A Moment)
5. Bug-A-Boo
6. Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto
7. Funky Styles (Bonus Track)

"I Got To Have It" music Video: "Be A Father To Your Child" music video: "Bug-A-Boo" music video:

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