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ANOINTED 3 piece Vinyl Record Cleaning kit


3 Piece Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit
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Catalog#: VRC01
Price: $19.99

Kit includes:
1. Double Sided Brush
2. Microfiber Buffing Cloth
3. 4 oz. enzymatic cleaning fluid

For the audiophile who wants to clean their vinyl but doesn't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a record cleaning machine.

The record cleaning kits we offer are superior to major company kits in that the brush is a double sided deep scrubbing brush when used in one direction, the tiny fibers stand up to get down in the grooves. When used the other direction it is more for dusting and record maintenance.

The anti-static microfiber cloth is actually a sponge, and was created by using split fiber cloth. The splitting process allow it to pick up and hold dust, dirt, grease, oil as well as absorb liquid. The fibers in ultra microfiber products are so small that they can collect almost invisible particles that would be impossible for any other cloth to detect, even bacteria. (Cleaning the microfiber sponge should only be done with extremely hot water and wrung out. Never use detergent and definitely not fabric softener or dryer sheets for they will deposit particles on the split fibers.)

The enzymatic fluid is NOT detergent based (which is known to cause mold/microbial growth on vinyl). The fluid comes in 4 oz, not 2 oz. The proof is in hearing; it's the night and day difference once you clean your records with this kit.