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Cormega "The True Meaning" 15 Year Anniversary Cassette


Cormega "The True Meaning"
15 Year Anniversary
Special Limited Edition Cassette
100 piece pressing

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December 11, 2017

Label: Aura Records
Catalog#: AURA-0015-4
Configuration: Chrome Cassette
Price: $11.99

Track Listing
Side A
1. Introspective
2. Verbal Graffiti
3. Live Ya Life
4. Ain't Gone Change
5. The True Meaning
6. A Thin Line
7. The Legacy

Side B
1. Love In Love Out
2. The Come Up Featuring Large Professor
3. Built For This
4. Soul Food
5. Take These Jewels
6. Endangered Species
7. Therapy

The True Meaning is the second studio album by rapper Cormega. This critically acclaimed album was the first Independent Hip Hop album to win the prestigious "Independent Album of the Year" at the Source Awards in 2003. This is a true classic featuring Mega's sharp and heartfelt rhymes over tight well-crafted beats produced by The Alchemist, Large Professor, Buckwild, Hi-Tek, DR Period, J. Waxx Garfield, J-Love and others. Standout tracks include "The True Meaning", "The Come Up" Produced and featuring Large Professor, The Alchemist produced "The Legacy", "Built For This" produced by J. Waxx Garfield and the J-Love produced "Love in Love Out".

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