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TABLEEK "A DEEPEST BLUE" Limited Blue Colored Vinyl LP


TABLEEK "A Deepest Blue"
Blue Colored Vinyl LP
Limited Edition 500 piece pressing


Artist: Tableek (from Masspyke)
Label: Burntberry
Catalog#: BB0014
Price: $12.99 per unit
Config.: LP Vinyl (Limited Blue colored)

Track Listing
1. The Boom (featuring BlakNerd)
2. Scatterbrained Oasis
3. About Skillz (feat BlakNerd)
4. Mad Men (feat Krumb Snatcha)
1. All Things Good (feat BlakNerd & BiBi)
2. The Beast
3. Everyone Knows Wind
4. Footware x Drugs (feat BlakNerd)
5. (lil dude interlude)
6. Freefall (feat BlakNerd & Stan Illa)

Amsterdam based Kid Sublime (BBE Records) had a first row seat to everything HipHop having spent years working at the Fat Beats store in Amsterdam. While being able to meet most of his heroes in underground rap at the time, one of his favorites was the group Maspyke who dropped a number of well received 12’s in the late 90s and early 2000’s.

As Kid Sublime’s music repertoire ventured in and out of rap world, one of his loves remains hiphop. As luck would have it, both Sublime and Tableek had projects for Faces Records (France), and the label head Pablo felt it would be dope to get Kid Sublime and Tableek to meet up during a tour date in Amsterdam. It was during this first meeting that they recorded the first banger “Rulez” in record time, and the conversation for more was set.

Subsequent visits to Holland by Tableek led to “A Deepest Blue”. With this recording Sublime brings a DJ sensibility, a high admiration and understanding of making beats “swing” and technical skill to bring that gritty NY soulful hiphop sound that Gangstarr, De La Soul, and other classic acts pioneered. In turn Tableek chose and molded the music to fit the mood, picked sounds that paint a colorful canvas, and devised songs that reflect on what artists are meant to do: provoke thought and inspire.
A DEEPEST BLUE is not meant to be a dark “fantasy”. Instead it is a proclamation of depth, stability, truth, and loyalty, Stay tuned.