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E-Blaze "For The Luv Of It" Vol. 2: RELOADED CD (Limited Edition)


E-BLAZE "For The Luv Of It" Vol. 2: RELOADED CD (Digipak)
Limited Edition - 100 piece pressing
Featuring 2 Bonus Tracks!

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Ship Date: August 9, 2017

Label: The Group LLC
Catalog#: TG-002
Config.: CD (Digipak)
Price: $12.99
File Under: Hip Hop/Instrumentals

Fresh off the re-release of For the Luv of It Vol. 3: Reloaded, acclaimed producer E. Blaze brings us another instrumental re-release, this time for For the Luv of It Vol.2 as For the Luv of It Vol. 2: Reloaded.

His "Reloaded" series is a way of going back by revisiting the 3 volumes of his 'For the Luv of It' series, almost like telling a story in reverse. Vol. 3: Reloaded has been co-signed by many pioneers and leaders in the Hip Hop community, including DJ Premier, Da Beatminerz, Lord Finesse, Large Professor, DJ Eclipse and many more.

Blaze, a well respected Hip Hop producer who was reared in Paris, but came up in NYC, is on a roll with the Reloaded series and plans to release Vol. 1 Reloaded this year as well. Each volume is essentially a different book or chapter in the journey that Blaze has dubbed For the Luv of It, as it is evident from his music, he truly has a deep-rooted love and a genuine respect for all things Hip Hop.

"Whisper" Music Video: